jueves, 15 de marzo de 2018

Recuperación Natural Science 5º

Special sentences:

1      There are two characteristics that all living beings have in common: they are made of cells and they do three vital functions.

2      All life on Earth depends on plants because they produce oxygen and food for other living beings.

3      Most plants are made up of a root, stem, leaves and vessels.
     Plants have autotrophic nutrition so that they produce the nutrients that they need.

2     Plants do the photosynthesis when they use energy from the sunlight to make nutrients.
      Plants can react to changes in their environment. For example, most of plants produce flowers in spring and lose their leaves in autumn.

     Sexual reproduction in plants consists of four stages: pollination, fertilisation, seed and fruit formation and germination.

        Individual Final Task:

En una cartulina pequeña hay que hacer un cómic con viñetas con bocadillos escritos que explique el proceso de la fotosíntesis o de la reproducción sexual de las plantas.

El trabajo siempre tiene recompensa ¡ÁNIMO!

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