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UNIT 1 Living beings. Cells and functions.

Buenos días chicos/as,

Os dejo las imágenes y audios para repasar el tema 1, junto con la ficha que os he entregado de las frases especiales :)

1.Cells are the smallest part of a living being and they all have three components: a cell membrane, cytoplasm and genetic material.
2.Cells are also alive because they complete the three vital functions of nutrition, interaction and reproduction.

3.There are two main types of cells depending on the job that they do: prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells.

4.In prokaryotic cells, the genetic material is in the cytoplasm, they don´t contain different types of organelles and they have a rigid cell wall.

5.In eukaryotic cells, the genetic material is enclosed inside a nucleus, they contain different types of organelles and some of these have a rigid cell wall and others don´t.

6.Cells that use autotrophic nutrition make nutrients by combining water, carbon dioxide and solar energy.

7.Cells that use heterotrophic nutrition take nutrients from other living beings.

8.Cells obtain nutrients, respire and release waste as part of the nutrition function.

9.Cells can produce substances, grow and change shape as part of the interaction function.

10.Cells can divide themselves as part of the reproduction function.

11.Unicellular living beings are made up of just one cell and they aren´t organised and coordinated.

12.The Monera Kingdom includes bacteria, which are made up of a prokaryotic cell.

13.The Protoctista Kingdom includes protozoa (with heterotrophic nutrition) and algae (with autotrophic nutrition).

14.The Fungi Kingdom includes unicellular fungi, mold and mushrooms (with heterotrophic nutrition).

15.Multicellular living beings are made up of some cells and they are organised and coordinated.

16.Cells of multicellular living beings without tissues are joined together but aren´t specialised.

17.Cells of multicellular living beings with tissues but no organs do a specific activity.

18.Cells of multicellular living beings with organs are the most complex living beings and do a very specific activity.

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